Windows7 Theme for windows XP

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Windows7 Theme for windows XP

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Tested by shop4share

Tested by shop4share

Finally the wait is over. The impossible is possible now.

You asked for full Start ORB.
You asked for Superbar in XP.
You asked for Big and iconized taskbar buttons in XP.

And now with the help of this new theme “SevenVG Refresh” everything is possible in XP.

This theme will make your Windows XP look-a-like Windows 7. It’ll provide superbar, full start ORB, big iconized taskbar buttons in Windows XP.


1. Download the file and extract its content. You’ll get a folder “SevenVG Refresh Theme for Windows XP by Vishal Gupta”.

Rapidshare | 5.6 MB

2. In this folder, you’ll get 3 more folders:

Image Fonts (This folder contains Segoe UI fonts required for the theme. Run Fonts.exe file to install them.)

Image Styler Toolbar (This folder contains Styler setup and SevenVG styler toolbar skin. It’ll provide Windows 7 look-a-like toolbar and commandbar in Explorer.)

Image Theme (This folder contains the main theme. Run Theme.exe file to install it.)

3. Apply the theme using Desktop Properties and you have done.

4. Also make sure you have patched the “uxtheme.dll” file to allow 3rd party visual styles, if its not patched, then download and run the UXtheme Patcher from here:

Patch for Service Pack 2

Patch for Service Pack 3
Run the EXE file and click on “Patch” button. It’ll take a few seconds and then you can restart your system to take effect.

Nguồn: softarchive

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XP_Vista_Se7en wallapers Tổng hợp các bản Win XP SP3 OEM cho Laptop

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